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On September 24th, Roman will be playing with Bril Brothers in musical programm "Pierre Richard's Paris Jazz Sextet and Russian Jazz Stars". More details. 


On September, 20, 2005 in "Russia" concert hall in Moscow will be presentation of the musical program "Yerevan -Moscow-Transit" in support of the same release of CD. Among participants - A.Bujnov, L.Agutin, V.Presnjakov, A.Stotskaja, N.Babkina, S.Pavliashvili, I.Kobzon, J.Nachalova, Araksia, Shtar and many others. Guitar tracks to the most of CD tmaterial were recorded by Roman Miroshnichenko.


On 29th August on a popular Russian telechannel "Ren-TV" display of a new teleserial "Tourists" was started. In some compositions of a soundtrack of film Roman Miroshnichenko's guitar sounds.


On August, 19th direct translation of performance Bril Brothers(with Roman Miroshnichenko's participation) will take place on radio " Culture "


On July, 29 and 30 with the big success have passed concerts Roman Miroshnichenko Project in Lithuanian towns Palanga and Nida.

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