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Roman Miroshnichenko signature model steel string acoustic midi-guitar from Iranian luthier Mohammad Darajevan (D1) with custom specifications and design:

  • Double top made from spruce (nomex honeycomb)with abalone trim
  • African mahogany neck
  • African ebony fingerboard and Indian rosewood headstock with abalone trim
  • Indian rosewood bridge
  • Florentine cutaway deep body
  • PRS locking tuners
  • Black finish
  • Built-in Audiotechnica cardioid mic
  • RMC piezo-midi saddless

Handcrafted with passion and attention to each detail (wood, finish, abalone inlays) and built to last, this distinctive, double-top heirloom-quality instrument have exquisite playability and big, articulate voices that stand out in the crowd. 

Mohhamad Darajevan's ardent interest in scientifically leveraging sound physics for superior sound quality has become a hall- mark of his craft. By 2014, he embarked on a professional journey, meticulously applying the ADSR concept and tailored sound equalization to meet the unique needs of musicians and diverse musical styles. 

"Having followed your career and witnessed the depth of emotion and artistry you bring to your performances, I am inspired to contribute to your musical journey by crafting an instrument that truly complements your musicality. With my unwavering dedication to the art of guitar making, I am confident that I can create a masterpiece perfectly suited to your discerning taste." - Mohammad Darajevan